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4AD RECORDS CHANGED MY LIFE. As a typical kid who didn‘t have much money, compilations were one way to discover new bands. My first 4AD purchase just happened to be the deluxe LP edition of Lonely Is An Eyesore at Tower Records—for the relatively large sum of $20 plus sales tax. I was seduced by its mysterious packaging...and duped into thinking all those bands on the cover were included inside. But, that’s okay—it was well worth it, it turned out.

As a student about to study graphic design, the included booklet made me consider new possibilities within that disciipline—specifically, typography and texture. Unfortunately for my wallet, the discography in the back of the booklet turned into a shopping list. Through their first two decades, the 4AD logo meant ”buy me—trust me on this”.

During the late ‘90s, however, my interest in 4AD slowly began to wane. By then, I was lucky enough to land a design job at a studio that did music packaging and marketing, and I exercised Vaughan Oliver’s influence at every opportunity (which wasn’t often, unfortunately). Now well into my design career, I realized my interest in 4AD had specifically shifted to v23: 4AD had ceased to be the label I once fell madly in love with, but v23 continued to inspire my aesthetic.

I still maintain a collection of 4AD artifacts (mostly vinyl) that I enjoy perusing on occasion, for inspiration. While I also still enjoy some of the artists on the current roster, it’s difficult for me to make the connection with the old 4AD. It’s simply not the same label anymore.

As they say, there’s nothing like the old days. This website is my tribute to my old obsession, and is dedicated to the friends that I’ve made along the way who more or less shared my obsession. It’s really more about the mid-‘80s to mid-‘90s for me, but 20 years is a nice, round number, isn’t it? It also—not coincidentally—covers the period where founder Ivo Watts-Russell owned the label before he left the music business. Truly an end of an era.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the website.

Maximillian Mark Medina
The Mystery Parade
San Francisco, Summer 2013

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